Four Guys

It is shot in a town set just 50 miles off Tucson, Arizona at the Mexican frontier. A small town with its saloon, general store, livery stable and church with its bell tower. The setting has been used excessively in filming of classic westerns such as "Wild Wild West", "The Quick and The Dead", "Desperado". The viewer is moved into the latter half of the 19th century in the American Old West inhabited by cowboys, gambling and drinking in the saloon and brawling and shooting elsewere, and brave sheriffs chasing fugitive gangsters.

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Composed and orchestrated by Vyacheslav Serzhanov
Performed by the Russian National Symphonic Orchestra and the Ensemble of the State Tretiakov's Gallery Choir

Anton Revnyuk-bass guitar, Vladimir Tiron-pan flute, Vlad Okunev-percussion, Anton Cygankov-guitar, Max Rubtsov-flute, Abu Bakar-ethnic drums

Recorded and mixed by Gennady Papin at “Mosfilm” studio, Moscow