Beyond the passion.
Kirill and Mefody, 1996

At first this music was developed for the multimedia Home Encyclopaedia. Later, I decided to widen these compositions to give them a form of the jazz pieces, each of them having an advanced structure. The name of the album symbolizes an abstract beauty devoid of the passion. It’s like you’re going down the Gallery of ancient sculptures feeling pleasure in the form perfection of the fine statues.

Beyond the PassionTrack list : (click to donload MP3)


Composed arranged and programmed by Vyacheslav Serzhanov
Vyacheslav Serzhanov-piano, synthesizers
Vladimir Galaktionov-trumpet
Leonid Schupick-tenor sax
Alexander Sukhikh-trombone
Recorded and mixed by V. Serzhanov and V. Galaktionov