Lara Fabian "Mademoiselle Zhivago"
Lara Fabian, Igor Krutoy, 9 PRODUCTIONS, 2010

Everything that Lara sings about is full of feelings and emotions. It's bits and pieces of her life and... yours.

Florrence-the Reneissance StarTrack list : (click to donload MP3)




Composed by Igor Krutoy, lyric by Lara Fabian

Arranged by A. Harchenko, V. Paramonov, V. Serzhanov

Orchestrated by V. Serzhanov

Performed by the Russian National Orchestra and the Choir of the Academy of the Choir Art (3)

Conducted by A. Bisembin

Piano-I. Krutoy, guitar-S. Shanglerov(3)

Recorded by Igor Poludyuk, mixed by Igor Poludyuk, I. Krutoy, VI-Sound

Choir recorded by Ilia Karpov, orchestra recorded by Gennady Papin (Mosfilm studio)

mastered by "Sterling Sound" N.Y. USA