Eugeny Krylatov          

Arrangements of compositions by an outstanding Russian composer Eugeny Krylatov made at different times. Music speaks for itself...

Florrence-the Reneissance StarTrack list : (click to donload MP3)



Composed by Eugeny Krylatov, lyric by Yuri Entin (1) and Alexander Alir (2)

Arrangered and conducted by Vyacheslav Serzhanov, (5) conducted by Pavel Ovsyannikov

"The forest deer" performed by Julia Savicheva

"Clouds on the blue sky" performed by Maxim Katyrev

"Magic Rose" performed by Sergey Penkin

"Just in autumn" performed by Alexander Alir

String arrang. and rec. by Nikolay Shamshin (3)

Ilia Lundin-flutes, Anton Revnyuck-bass guitar, Yuri Schetkin-guitar (1), Alexander Vasilenko-guitar (2), DmitryTiurin-drums, Vyacheslav Serzhanov-piano "Steinway"(1-3), rhodes-piano "Mark 2" (4), Sergey Chernyshov-vibes (1), Arcady Suzdalnitsky-violin (4), Nikolay Zherenkov's string group (2), Kremlin Symphony Orchestra (5)

"Just in autumn" rec. and mixed by -Alexander Shantin