Vyacheslav Serzhanov, lyric by Yuli Kim musical Once upon a time in Odessa
Produced by Vlad Ryashin, directed by Nikolay Gusev, "Star Media", 2014

"Once in Odessa" is a touching drama that tells the story of life and love of "Odessa Robin Hood" - Moisha Vinnitskiy, nicknamed Mishka Jap. It's lively and emotional legend of romance and true love, male friendship and adventurism that unfolds against the background of political and social upheaval of the early 20th century. "Mishka Jap is not just of interest to the audience, they loved him with all their hearts, as they like Odessa humor, Odessa dialect, Odessa food and unique Odessa atmosphere - says producer and director of the musical Nikolai Gusev, - His life is a story about love, about the choice, about destiny, about happiness and the impossibility of happiness. But first and foremost, is a spectacle of Odessa, the great city that has no one could remain indifferent."

"There is music symbolizing time and place in the play. Odessa has absorbed many peoples of Eastern and southern Europe. Therefore, somewhere you can hear Balkan, Gypsy, Italian and other motifs in modern rhythms, as a rule. These motifs are part of the "street" music and various dramatic scenes. The Play also reflects the revolutionary themes and pop styles of those years (cabaret music). But above all this there is music about "eternal"- about human destinies, friendship and hatred, love and disappointment, fidelity and betrayal. About this written arias of Tor and Tsilia, Duo "Cote d'azur", trio "Farewell", and, of course, "the Song of Odessa", in which the main character and all the actors admit that they are united in love with his hometown regardless of everything". (composer Vyacheslav Serzhanov)


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Composed and orchestrated by Vyacheslav Serzhanov
Lyric by Yuli Kim
conducted by Alexey Khodorchenkov and Vyacheslav Serzhanov
Performed by the Russian National Symphonic Orchestra and the Brass Ensemble under Peter Tikhonov
soloists - Stas Belyaev-Misha, Polina Konkina and Karina Orbeliani-Tsilia, Mikhail Umanets-Kostya Mayorchik, Alexander Sukhanov-Tor, Andrew Mezhulis-Averman, Elvina Mukhutdinova-Mania Schmeiser, Anna Antosik- Nechama, Natalia Dievskaya-Vera, Eugene Mishechkin-Utesov, Polina Pakhomova-Kate, Karina Tatarsho & Anna Kurkova-the girls. Vyacheslav Serzhanov performed "Afterglow"