Oleg Tim: Indelible
"Oleg Tim production”, 2011

The album is dedicated to author's son whom he lost three years ago and accomodates a range of connected experiences. However a creation exeeds the limits of the one ocassion, even so significant. Because a creativity is a sence of life, it's spiritual fulfillment by his thoughts. For him each composition is a history that not narrated but gone through and each sound is not played but heard, and each pause not silent but... Listen to the music...


Photo by Tatyana Rush

Track list


Composed by Oleg Tim
Orchestrated and conducted by Vyacheslav Serzhanov
arranged by Vladimir Galaktionov (1)
Featuring The Russian National Orchestra and The "Kremlin" Orchestra
Recorded by Alexander Volkov at Mosfilm Studio
Add. recordings, Mixing and mastering by Vasily Krachkovsky and Vladimir Galaktionov (1)

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