Oleg Tim: Narracion
"Oleg Tim production”, 2019

Here is how the author himself expressed the content of the works of this album::

That year, two people lost their loved ones: Jean Guarneri-his Christabel and
Rodion Shchedrin -his Maya.
Ballerina, or , You my Ballerina so often say about their favorite: girls,
So, initiation...

This composition is a dedication to my mother. The great mystery is how a man learns that his time has come. He is completing his long earthly journey. All around try to cheer, say, yes that you, we still will live.. And only the phrase - " No. IT'S TIME... It's TIME! And then-Up...

It's a woman's story... Lonely, extraordinary
Which is preparing for the evening event, reception. Slowly examining herself. Iin a formal evening dress, she puts on her gloves and mentally transports herself there
towards the unknown.
There the dance happens when, after the first awkward movement, she finds herself in
strong male hands. And then the first awkward movement is replaced first by
surprise then with the confidence and peace of mind. Finally calm.
And looking at them, I want so that these two were all good

This is a condition that occurs on the eve of the New year, about 18-19 December. When the air feels the approach of the Holiday.
A wagon on runners rides drawn by a horse, which beats hooves slightly muffled rhythm and the feeling of celebration is growing and growing and then literally breaks out. Ahead of the gifts, the festivities and joyful days.

Once in the past there was a tragic event. It seems that the pain has gone, but suddenly you get excited and you relive it....

This is a dialogue between two people. One, struggling to convince and insist on his own. And the other, indeed do-another, ironically and quietly replies on this - МАУВЕ

such Grandfather-100 years, sits around children... And begins slowly his story in which gigantic heroes, unprecedented beasts and birds. And under this narrative every are embarking in its land. Fairyland....

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The author of the idea, producer and composer- Oleg Tim

Co - author, arranger and conductor-Slava Serzhanov

Vitaly Kis-acoustic guitar

Mark Gaidar-double bass

Pavel Timofeev-drums

John Kukaryamba - percussion & sound design

Slava Serzhanov-piano & percussion

Tatiana Porshneva-violin ("Remembrance")

Alexey Bruni - violin solo ("Ballerina")

Olesya Anakovskaya - cello ("Remembrance")

Alina Shestava- vocal ("Can be")

Anatoly Tekuchev -vibraphone ("Maybe")

Vladimir Galaktionov-flugel horn ("Maybe")

Konstantin Grigoriev-trumpet ("it's Time")

Dmitry Kalinin -balalaika ("Kibitka")

Sergei Igrunov-flute

String group of the Russian National Orchestra (concertmaster- Alexey Bruni)

sound engineering group: Kirill Tikhonov, Gennady Papin, Ilya Karpov, Yakov Pushkin, Anatoly Ryasov.