"Sofia" Symphony

The "Sofia" Symphony Orchestra was created thanks to the idea and creative energy of producer Artur Shachnev. The orchestra performed original interpretations of rock and musicals, film music, and popular music. It made its debut in September 2011 with a performance at Crocus city Hall with the program "The Best arias of world rock operas and musicals". A number of tracks from this concert are presented below. In the future, the orchestra performed a similar program with the involvement of world stars, in particular, Matt Laurent-the famous performer of the role of Quasimodo in the famous French musical. The concert took place in may 2012 at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. The band performed at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses under the direction of Ennio Morricone with the Maestro's film music program in december 2012. The MMDM hosted a performance of the orchestra in conjunction with the Opera show "Angels" with a program of ABBA group songs in may 2013, and the band also played with the "Scorpions" group in october 2013 at Crocus city Hall.

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Authors and titles are fully indicated at the beginning of each track.
Arranged by Vyacheslav Serzhanov
Produced by Artur Shachnev
Performed by the "Sofia" Symphony Orchestra under Armen Pogosian. See the full line-up of participants in the track "Credits"
Recorded at the Crocus city Hall concert on September 22, 2011.