Therr Maitz

    The Therr Maitz group under the leadership of Anton Belyaev is widely known in Russia and abroad for its bright interesting interpretations and stylish author's works.

Here are presented (1-10) alternative versions of famous songs and author's works by Anton Belyaev. The recording was made at the band's concert in Voronezh with the local Youth Symphony Orchestra in May 2015. Track 11 - "Live" performance be the same band at Crocus City Hall 2017 with the orchestra from London by Sally Herbert

Track list : (click to donload MP3 or video)

Credits (1-10):

Original tracks-Anton Belyaev

Orchestrated by V. Serzhanov
Performed by the band Therr Maitz as part of:

Anton Belyaev - vocals, keyboards
Victoria Zhuk - vocals
Artem Tildikov - bass guitar
Nikolay Sarabyanov - guitar
Boris Ionov-drums
Andrey Krasilnikov-saxophone (sideman)
Alexander Zheltov -flute (sideman)

and Voronezh Youth Symphony Orchestra by Yuri Androsov
Recorded by Ilya Lukashev